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Members of the League of Women Voters of Nebraska are engaged in many efforts to make sure democracy works. The LWVNE:

  • Registers citizens to vote and defends voting rights.
  • Provides information about voting and election laws.
  • Sponsors debates and forums as well as an online voters guide, VOTE411, to give citizens the opportunity to compare candidates.
  • Studies issues to understand and reach consensus in areas that can be affected by political action.
  • Lobbies government bodies and provides fact-based information on public policy issues.
  • Provides a statewide speakers bureau on civics-related topics.

Voter Services

Registering and educating voters is the core mission of the League. Voter Services is tasked with making sure Nebraska citizens can register to vote, vote safely, and be informed about candidates and issues. Voter Services promotes online voter registration, voting early by mail, ex-felon registration, English and Spanish voter information, education on ballot initiatives, information on candidate positions, and personalized voting information via VOTE411.org. Learn more about voting.


While the League does not support or oppose candidates or parties, it does take a position on selected issues. These issues positions are the result of rigorous study and member consensus.


The LWVNE does not take a position on an issue without careful study. Studies take place on the local, state and national levels. One reason for the political effectiveness of the League is its reputation for thorough study. The League studies the facts and takes into consideration the pros and cons of an issue. During its studies, the League draws upon a variety of resources from all sides including expert opinion, statements by public officials, observation of facilities and institutions, community opinion, public meetings, surveys and media coverage. The League takes action on selected governmental issues based on a firm foundation of careful study.



The study material is produced and distributed to the members, who then may take part in local discussions. Each member then has the opportunity to express an opinion in coming to consensus. Issues are added or amended to the State Program by the League Board and then are discussed and voted on at the annual meeting.


The League strives for consensus in its issue decision making. When consensus is arrived at and it becomes the basis of the League position and action. This process is followed at local, state and national levels.

Inform & Educate

The LWV strives to educate voters on the issues. We do this through local programs like Dine & Discuss and Lunch & Learn, presentation to community groups, publications, our Voters Guides and VOTE411.org.

The League informs through

Advocacy & Action

The League takes action by:
  • Testifying before legislative committees
  • Lobbying
  • Local League public forums
  • League publications
  • Member action campaigns
  • Op-ed publications


The League of Women Voters of Nebraska actively engages during the Nebraska Unicameral’s legislative sessions. Based on our issues program and voting rights mission, committees review all pending legislation and identify bills that the League should monitor or make legislative priorities. LWVNE hosts an annual Legislative Day at the state Capitol for members to lobby legislators on the legislative priority bills. Learn more about legislative advocacy.

Speakers Bureau

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska provides a speakers bureau. Community groups can contact office@lwvnebraska.org to request a speaker. Speakers include:

  • Dianne Bystrom – Topics include: women’s suffrage history, national and Nebraska; Carrie Chapman Catt; and current status, communication strategies and media coverage of women in American politics. (Communications Director of the LWVNE and Director Emerita of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University)
  • Linda Duckworth – Topics: Susan B. Anthony, in costume. (Membership Director of LWVNE)
LWVNE members visit capitol

THE LEAGUE IS _______________


As an organization, the League does not support or oppose political parties or candidates.


The League takes action on selected governmental issues based on a firm foundation of careful study.


The League is dedicated to encouraging informed citizen participation in the political process.


Our members study all viewpoints at the local, state and national levels and come to consensus before taking action on an issue.

Citizen Action

The League is a volunteer, member-directed organization. Any citizen who is at least 16 years old may become a voting member of the League.

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