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Testimony & Letters to Committees & Officials,
108th Legislature, 1st Session, 2023

LWVNE’s Summary of 2023 Legislative Session

Read all 70 letters sent to members of the 108th Legislature from this summary.

Testimony/letters for these  bill numbers were submitted to the following committees:

Appropriations: LB506 (support)

Banking, Commerce & Insurance: 

Business & Labor: LB249 (support)

Education:  LB71 (oppose);  LB374 (oppose); LB153 (support); LB585 (support);  LB575 (oppose)

Executive Board: LB254 (support); LR22CA (support); LR2CA (oppose)

Government, Military & Veterans Affairs:  LB313 (support); LB535 (oppose); LB194 (oppose); LB195 (oppose); LR31CA (oppose); LB70 (support); LB304 (support); LB513 (support); LB408 (support); LB409 (support); LB410 (support); LB228 (oppose); LB230 (oppose); LB675 (support); LR3CA (support); LB364 (support)

Health & Human Services:  LB626 (oppose); LB574 (oppose); LB810 (oppose); LB179 (support); LB35 (support); LB84 (support); LB748 (support); LB233 (support)

Judiciary Committee: LB77 (oppose); LB306 (support); LB20 (support); LB14 (support); LB348 (support); LR26CA (support); LB316 (support); LB169 (support)

Natural Resources: LB120 (oppose); LB255 (oppose); LB49 (support)

Revenue:  LB753 (oppose); LB294 (support)

Rules: Letter on 53 proposed rules changes

Transportation & Telecommunications: 

Urban Affairs: LB629 (support)

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