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The League does not take a position on an issue without careful study at the local, state and national levels. We pride ourselves in investing the time to dig deep and find the facts that will make our members informed about the issues. The League of Women Voters is respected for its commitment to in-depth research, community involvement and its 100 year history of educating voters.


The LWVNE conducts studies to better understand issues. Studies are the first step in the process of the League taking a position on issues, providing guidance and education.

Pre-Study Reports

These are pre-study reports on specific issues. They can be used to aid in League studies.

Issues program

A summary of legislative priorities.

National Issues Program

Find out about the national program in LWVUS Impact on Issues Guide, which is also available through Amazon for $5.95. Note that the new Impact on Issues 2020-2022 will be available in the fall of 2020 after the virtual national convention held in late June.

Read about the proceedings of the 2020 LWV Centennial Convention here.

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