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A Guide to K-12 Education in Nebraska

Welcome to Schools 101! As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to cultivating an informed electorate, we have put together some of the basic facts about K-12 education in Nebraska.

Education issues will be taken up in the new 108th Unicameral. The LWVNE hopes to provide you will the tools to better understand issues related to education policy in Nebraska.

Below you will find videos, links and resources that give an overview of K-12 education in Nebraska as well as more detailed information about four topics: who attends our schools (students); who works in our schools (teachers, staff and administrators); what pays for our schools (funding); and what guides our schools (curriculum).

Listen to our Education Action Team members Rachel Gibson and Sarah Smolen talk about the League’s Schools 101 program on the Riverside Chats Podcast from KIOS Omaha.



Learn more about the over 350,000 students who attend public, private and home schools.


Learn more about who makes decisions about the what, when, where, how and why topics are taught.


Learn more about the over 26,000 teachers and 39,000 total staff who work in Nebraska schools.


Learn more about how over $4.8 billion in education funding is collected and spent throughout the state.

Welcome to Schools 101, an initiative of the League of Women Voters of Nebraska. 

As residents, we know that public education has been a hot topic of conversation over the past year. Whether it is health standards, parental involvement, public health protocols or curriculum guidelines, lots of folks have had lots to say about our Nebraska schools. With all the competing voices, we found ourselves as parents, families and community members wondering: 

How do schools work in Nebraska? Who attends our schools? Who teaches at our schools? Who makes decisions about our schools? Who funds our schools and how?

We decided to find out and Schools 101 was born. With a team of five volunteers, including a certified teacher, we researched and collected resources, read all kinds of reports, combed through Nebraska-specific data, and pulled out the most important parts to be made into an overview of K-12 education in Nebraska. 

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