LWVNE Sponsors Redistricting Video Poetry Contest for Ages 16+

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska invites Nebraskans age 16 and older to participate in a Redistricting Video Poetry contest. First, second and third place cash prizes will be the awarded. The deadline to apply is Feb. 14.  

To enter, upload a video poem via the Drop Box button below.

The video file’s title should begin with your last name (for example, Mason.MP4). You should also upload a DOC or PDF titled the same (e.g., Mason.doc, etc.) that includes your full name, age (if under 18), address, phone number, email, the text of the poem, and a short bio.

Redistricting Video Poetry/SLAM Contest Information & Rules:

  • Prizes: First, $100; Second, $75; Third, $50
  • Deadline: Feb. 14. Winners announced Feb. 21 by email
  • Format: video
  • Duration: 1-2 minutes (give or take)
  • Age: 16 and up
  • Signed permission is required from legal guardians for participants under age 18 for their videos to be posted on social media and the LWVNE website. Consent for publication must be signed by applicants.
  • Content:  Redistricting requirements, constitutional requirements, gerrymandering, unfair representation, preservation of communities of interest, how voters lose power under gerrymandering, packing and cracking.
    • Tone: Nonpartisan (no digs on politicians or parties). No profanity.
    • Audience: Poets should consider a general audience and project a wide appeal.  At the same time, poems will be used to target students and legislative advocates.
    • Issues of Redistricting should address:
      • Definition of terms: redistricting, gerrymandering, packing, cracking.
      • Constitutional protections: one person, one vote; unfair representation of minority communities; voters of the party not in power.
      • May suggest how states are working to create independent commissions to redraw district lines instead of using the politicians who have a vested interest in how the maps are drawn.

Coaches and others may contact Carol Dennison for assistance during the process at csdennison@hotmail.com.

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