LWVNE members visit capitol



You can take action to make sure that the redistricting process is transparent and the maps are fair!

What Does a Volunteer Do?

  • Stays informed
  • Invites redistricting speakers to meetings
  • Writes letters to the editor
  • Follows redistricting bills
  • Contacts state senators
  • Gives testimony at public hearings 
  • Gets others involved
  • Supports the work of other groups
  • Shares stories in a written or visual format 
  • Participates in the map-drawing process
  • Volunteers for local PPFM/redistricting events
  • Educates family, friends and neighbors about redistricting

Sign up to be Part of the Team

Whether you are a current member of the League of Women Voters of Nebraska or a community member, we welcome your help to make sure that Nebraska has fair maps. We need people to write letters, send emails, attend hearings and reach out to educate the community. We would appreciate your help. Please send an email with your interest and any question to : fairmaps@lwvnebraska.org.

Interested in Supporting our Cause?