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The League does not take a position on an issue without careful study at the local, state and national levels. We pride ourselves in investing the time to dig deep and find the facts that will inform our members about the issues. The League of Women Voters is respected for its commitment to in-depth research, community involvement and its 101-year history of educating voters.

National Issues Program

Impact on Issues is designed to help League members use LWVUS public policy positions effectively at the national, state, local, and regional levels. The intention is to inspire Leagues to use national positions to act in their own communities.

Both the Principles (broad statements of beliefs) and Positions (specific statements and guidelines) can be used at the state and local levels to develop support for actions taken at those levels.

You can read the current LWV national issue positions in the Impact on Issues Guide PDF below. The 2022-2024 Impact on Issues book is available on Amazon

LWVNE Issues Program

A summary of legislative program adopted by the state League on issues specific to Nebraska. 

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