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Meant to Represent Presentation

LWVNE Fair Maps Action  Team developed the Meant to Represent presentation  to educate Nebraskans about the importance and process of redistricting. As part of the Meant to Represent program, we  offer a video presentation (you can access below) for personal or group use, zoom and  in person presentations and events  in partnership with community organizations. Learn more about what Meant to Represent has to offer below.

As part of the Meant to Represent campaign we have developed this printable PDF (just click the image) that explains the program we offer to community groups, schools and businesses.  

This Meant to Represent PDF (printable by clicking on image) provides the contact information necessary to reach out to members of the Redistricting Committee.


District R Presentation

Want to take your turn drawing the district lines? You can do it using District R software. Watch this video that walks you through the process and then draw Nebraska district lines at District R.

Redistribución de Distritos en Español

Laura Torres da una presentación sobre Redistribución de distritos en español.

“Como me afecta la redistribución de distritos? Y como  puedo involucrarme? Cada 10 años, los distritos electorales cambian según la población. Obtenga más información sobre el proceso de redistribución de distritos y lo que puede hacer para proteger su voto.

Redistricting Jeopardy

Want a fun way to learn about redistricting? Go Vote, Omaha! takes on Redistricting with a Jeopardy style game show.  Test your knowledge of redistricting with League member, Rachel Gibson, as your host. Thank you to our producers and writers Carol Denison, Sara Lee, and Sherry Saint Clair.

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