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The League actively engages with the Nebraska Legislature. Before each legislative session, members of the state board of directors review bills and identify priority bills based on our issues program. We testify before committees; write op-eds and letters to the editors of newspapers; contact government officials through e-mails, phone calls and letters; hold an annual Legislative Day; and, in general, encourage our members to take action.

The League and the Nebraska Legislature

Before each legislative session, members of the LWVNE board of directors review all bills introduced and identify priority bills based on our state issues program. League members testify at legislative hearings; meet with their state senators; write letters to the editors of newspapers; and contact lawmakers through emails, phone calls and letters. League members are mobilized via action alerts to contact their legislators. Learn more about how our members take action.

The 106th Legislature, 2nd Session

The 106th  Nebraska Legislature, 2nd session adjourned August 13, 2020, Sine Die.

LB 996 – Data collection program to improve broadband availability approved July 21. Signed by Governor Ricketts on July 24, 2020. This was one of our priority bills for the 2020 LWVNE Legislative Day.

Governor Ricketts vetoed the following bills:

LB 238 – Change requirements for witnessing death penalty executions

LB 515 –  Change provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act

LB 607 –  Change provisions relating to nail technology and body art

LB 607A – Appropriation for LB607

LB 1004 – Change provisions relating to the age of majority, the administration and supervision of parole, and eligibility for parole

LB 1004A –  Appropriation for LB1004

LB 1060 –  Include hair textures and protective hairstyles within the definition of race under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act

LB 1089 – Provide a high school graduation requirement relating to federal student aid  

Legislative Action Alerts

To read a CALL TO ACTION on:

  • LB 283 With amendment 2119, requests the University of Nebraska to create an effective plan to meet the challenges of extreme weather events (climate change). (Failed to advance 7/23/20)

  • LB 924 Requires ant-bias law enforcement training. (Passed legislature 7/31/20, 40-0; Signed by governor 8/6/20)
  • LB 1061 The Child Protection and Family Safety Act delineates the procedures used in response to a report of child abuse or neglect. (Passed legislature 7/21/20; Signed by governor 7/24/20)
  • LB 1207 Adopts the Redistricting Act. (Indefinitely postponed 8/13/20)

News Releases/Op-eds/Letters to Editors of Newspapers

106th Legislature,
1st Session (2019)

Read a letter by LWVNE Action Vice President Sherry Miller and LWVNE Health Care Director Phyllis Salyards supporting LR 170 heard by the Health and Human Services Committee. LR 170 provides for an interim study to examine the Department of Health and Human Services’ plan to submit a demonstration project waiver for the medical assistance program under section 1115 of the Social Security Act (Medicaid).

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