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The League actively engages with the Nebraska Legislature. Before each legislative session, members of the state board of directors review bills and identify priority legislation based on our issues program. We testify before committees; write op-eds and letters to the editors of newspapers; contact government officials through e-mails, phone calls and letters; hold an annual Legislative Day; and, in general, encourage our members to take action. Learn more about how our members take action.

The 108th Legislature, 2nd Session Information, 2024

The first session of the 108th Legislature convened on Jan. 4 and adjourned on June 1, 2023. The 2023 session was a long, 90-days, session.

The 108th  Nebraska Legislature, second session, is a short (60 days) session. The session runs from Jan. 3 through  April 18, 2024. 

Legislative Leadership for the 108th Unicameral

Speaker, Senator John Arch  

Chair Committee on Committees, Senator Albrecht

Chair, Executive Committee,  Senator Aguilar

Vice Chair, Executive Committee,  Senator Lowe

Chair, Agriculture Committee, Senator Halloran

Chair, Appropriations Committee,  Senator Clements

Chair, Banking, Commerce & Insurance Committee,  Senator Slama

Chair, Business & Labor Committee, Senator Riepe

Chair, Education Committee, Senator Murman

Chair, General Affairs Committee, Senator Lowe

Chair, Government, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, Senator Brewer 

Chair, Judiciary Committee, Senator Wayne 

Chair, Natural Resources Committee, Senator Bostelman

Chair, Nebraska Retirement Systems, Senator McDonnell

Chair, Revenue Committee, Senators  Linehan

Chair, Transportation & Telecommunications Committee, Senator Moser

Chair, Urban Affairs Committee, Senator McKinney

Chair, Rules Committee, Senator Erdman  

Chair, Enrollment & Review Committee, Senator Ballard

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Legislative Summary/Senator Summary

2023 Legislative Advocacy page photo

The tumultuous 2023 Nebraska legislative session took up several high profile and controversial topics. This spring, the 49 senators in our state Legislature passed bills that loosened gun laws, restricted access to abortion and reproductive health care, and blocked access to gender-affirming care.

To inform Nebraskans on how their senators voted in 2023, the League of Women Voters of Nebraska has compiled a summary report for each senator.

Do you know how YOUR Senator voted?

To find out, click on this link. Senators are listed alphabetically. In addition to their votes on some of these most contentious issues, you will see what bills and legislative studies they introduced and on which committees they serve. If you are unsure who your senator is, you can scroll down this page to the Find Your Senator gold box on the left.

The information included in the LWVNE’s Senator Summary report was taken directly from the Nebraska Legislature’s website and no information has been abridged, edited or omitted. No opinion or commentary is provided.

The LWVNE is a nonpartisan organization aimed at helping educate the public without endorsing candidates or parties. 

We encourage you to review your senator’s summary and consider:

  • Is your legislator prioritizing the issues you care the most about? Before the next legislative session starts in January 2024, let your senator know by emailing or calling them via the contact information listed on the Senator Summary sheet or on their senator homepage.
  • Your senator is meant to represent their constituents – make sure they know what is important to youWith the Legislature adjourned sine die until January 2024, the League of Women Voters of Nebraska also has analyzed the outcome of the areas and bills we set out to influence. 

How to get involved ! At the beginning of the 108th Nebraska Legislature’s long session, the LWVNE’s six volunteer action teams–Education Policy, Health Care, Government, Mental and Behavioral Health, Natural Resources and Energy, and Social Policy–identified areas of focus to select specific bills for action through letters and in-person testimony. The 49 volunteers serving on these teams wrote an impressive 70 letters, testifying in person on 27, hand delivering 2 to state senators, and submitting 41 via the Legislature’s online portal for committee hearings. 

More than 140 people signed up for LWVNE “Action Alerts,” which were sent 22 times to encourage action on over 40 bills. Individually, LWVNE members showed up to testify as citizens, participated in coalition rallies, monitored debate and contacted their legislators.

Below is the summary of the LWVNE’s original list of bills grouped by their final outcome with the League’s stance marked in parentheses.  

  • 4 signed into law (1 support; 3 oppose)
  • 15 amended in some form into another bill
    • 8 signed into law (6 support, 2 oppose)
    • 7 passed the Legislature but were line item vetoed by the governor (7 support)
  • 34 hearing completed and still in committee (21 support, 13 oppose)
  • 7 on general file carrying over to the 2024 short session (4 support, 3 oppose)
  • 2 indefinitely postponed with no further action possible (2 support)

“This session was incredibly difficult and at first glance the results may look disheartening,” said Rachel Gibson, action vice president for the LWVNE, who prepared the analysis. “However, digging into the details shows the importance and impact of the informed, thoughtful and long-term advocacy by the League. Whatever the challenges, we will not give up in our efforts to educate, advocate and work toward a better Nebraska for all who live here.”

Read the detailed 7-page summary here

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