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The League actively engages with the Nebraska Legislature. Before each legislative session, members of the state board of directors review bills and identify priority bills based on our issues program. We testify before committees; write op-eds and letters to the editors of newspapers; contact government officials through e-mails, phone calls and letters; hold an annual Legislative Day; and, in general, encourage our members to take action. Learn more about how our members take action.

107th Legislature , 2nd Session

The 107th Legislature, 2nd Session Information

The second session of the 107th Legislature adjourned sine die on April 20, 2022.

The 107th  Nebraska Legislature, 2nd session was a short session (60 days). The session ran from January 5, 2022 through April 20, 2022 . 

Tentative calendar for the 2022 legislative session.

Bills introduced in the session.

Hearing schedule for the current week.

Lawmaking in Nebraska – The Steps

Legislative Leadership

Speaker  Mike Hilgers

Chair, Executive Committee, Sen. Dan Hughes

Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Sen. Tony Vargas

Chair, Agriculture Committee, Sen. Steve  Halloran

Chair, Appropriations Committee, Sen. John Stinner

Chair, Banking, Commerce & Insurance Committee, Sen. Matt Williams

Chair, Business & Labor Committee, Sen. Ben Hansen

Chair, Education Committee, Sen. Lynne Walz

Chair, General Affairs Committee, Sen. Tom Briese

Chair, Government, Military & Veterans Affairs Committee, Sen. Tom Brewer

Chair, Judiciary Committee, Sen. Steve Lathrop

Chair, Natural Resources Committee, Sen. Bruce Bostelman

Chair, Nebraska Retirement Systems, Sen. Mark Kolterman

Chair, Revenue Committee, Sen. Lou Ann Linehan

Chair, Transportation & Telecommunications Committee, Sen. Curt Friesen

Chair, Urban Affairs Committee, Sen. Justin Wayne

Chair, Rules Committee, Sen. Robert Clements

Chair, Enrollment & Review Committee, Sen. Terrell McKinney

League Action, the 107th Legislature, 2nd Session

LWVNE Priority Bills for Legislative Action Day, Feb. 15, 2022

The LWVNE will urge action on selected bills on its Legislative Action Day. The League priority bills will be announced after the state board meeting on January 22, 2022


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