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The League of Women Voters of Nebraska is committed to making sure that any voter ID bill ensures that Nebraskans can exercise their right to vote and abides by our constitution that states “all elections shall be free” [and that] “there shall be no hindrance or impediment to the right of a qualified voter to exercise the elective franchise.”

The Government Action Team heard three voter ID bills on  March 1, 2023: LB675 (support), LB228 (0ppose) and LB230 (oppose). This hearing is part of the process of the Legislature crafting a bill for a final voter ID law. A fourth bill —  LB535 (oppose) — was heard in committee on Feb. 1, 2023. 

The League supports:

  • Acceptance of a wide range of photo identification documents; 
  • Issuance of acceptable documents at no cost to the voter; 
  • Established mechanism to easily obtain acceptable documents throughout the state; 
  • Preservation of mail-in ballot accessibility by exempting mail-in ballots from the photo ID requirement; 
  • Protection of day of voting for individuals who do not have a photo ID on their person; 
  • Funding a public awareness and education campaign; 
  • Training election officials and county clerks, including poll workers; and 
  • Ample time to allow for implementation.

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