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Per the Nebraska Secretary of State Office you can get a free ID to vote in Nebraska. 

Voters can get a free state ID for voting purposes at Nebraska DMV offices. They will need to bring documents confirming their identity and their address when applying for a state ID. 

Nebraskans who need a copy of their birth certificate to get a free state ID can get a free certified copy of their Nebraska birth certificate from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Office of Vital Records. A birth certificate is not an acceptable form of ID for voting. 

If a voter has a reasonable impediment that prevents them from obtaining a photo ID, they can complete a Reasonable Impediment Certification (RIC). Reasonable impediments are:

  • Inability to obtain an acceptable form of ID due to:
    • Disability or illness
    • Lack of birth certificate or other required documents
  • Religious objection to being photographed.
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