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Higher Education GOTV Toolkit

students on campus

This fall you may be asking yourself, “How can I promote voter registration on my campus?” There are many ways! The League of
Women Voters has been a leader in supporting voter access for more than 100 years. The links below share some of the ways you can take part.

Our hearts go out to you as you begin a busy semester with unique challenges brought on by the coronavirus and recognize that efforts
may already be underway on your campus. But if you’re looking for ways to help and don’t know how, below is a list of some of the
things you, your department/program, or your entire university can do. Click on the statement that best matches your availability to
take part.

We hope that you will consider these strategies this fall. If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us
at communications@lwvnebraska.org.

“I support voter registration, but only have a little time to help!”

  • Include or circulate this easy-to-use slide show for instructors to include in class announcements
  • Post voter registration links graphic in campus online newsletters, announcement boards, social media, etc.
  • Add the following tag to your email signature “Not registered to vote, or unsure if you are? Check out https://www.vote411.org/”

“I support voter registration, and have a bit of time to help!”

  • Peer-to-peer education & outreach programs led by student organizations on campus (e.g., through clubs, sororities, fraternities,etc.) using the slide show presentation
  • Support promotional efforts within Athletics Department (Example: Humboldt State University)
  • Department-based strategies to coordinate faculty, administrative, and student dissemination of information (see the “little time”options & resources above for use at staff meetings)

“I support voter registration, and can devote substantial time to help!”