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About the Hastings League

The League of Women Voters of Hastings was founded in 1975. Hastings prides itself on its ongoing program of public forums on issues and candidates that educate the Hastings community.


Hasting League Leadership and Contact Information


President, Linda Rea (lmhrea@yahoo.com)

Vice-President, Judy Sandeen

Treasurer, Belva Junker

Secretary, Kathy Stofer

Mailing Address:
LWV of Hastings
P. O. Box 1691
Hastings, NE 68902

Raul Arco Hawkins Speaks on his Experience with DACA

Michele Bever, Executive Director South Heartland District Health Department Covid-19 Update

Jeff Schneider & Kandace Garwood of Hastings Public Schools and Deb Ross from Head Start discuss preschool programs in the Hastings Area

Ramona Thomas, Adams County Clerk, joins the Hastings League of women voters to discuss the historic 2020 election.

Elayne Landwehr of the League of Women Voters of Hastings discusses how the U.S. would call a constitutional convention and the League position
on this controversial topic.

Judy Mignery, Planning & Zoning Director Adams County and Lisa Parnell-Rose, Director of Development Services for City of Hastings Discuss Planning & Zoning

Senator Steve Halloran Answers Questions from the Hastings Community

Wellhead Protection in Nebraska and Environmental Impact

LWV of Hastings Forum on Adams County Justice Center Bond Issue

How ESU9 Hastings Schools are Being Affected by COVID-19

Toni Monette, LWVNE Voter Services Co-Director, Discusses Vote411 and Informing the Electorate in Nebraska

Adams County Clerk and Election Commissioner Ramona Thomas
Discusses Election 2020

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