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The Protect Our Rights ballot initiative, which aims to protect the fundamental right to abortion in Nebraska, is rapidly approaching its July 3 signature turn-in deadline. The initiative requires signatures from 10% of all registered voters in Nebraska and 5% of the registered voters from 38 of Nebraska’s 93 counties. 

If you haven’t yet signed the Protect Our Rights petition – it’s not too late to get involved. If you or someone you know still needs to sign the petition, fill out this form and a Protect Our Rights team member to come to you. You can find opportunities to sign, collect signatures, drop off petitions, notarize or collect petition sheets on this events calendar.

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska supports the fundamental right to abortion and believes that choices about your health should remain between you and your doctor. Cat Henning and Krystal Fox — co-directors of social policy for the LWVNE – have been involved with the Protect Our Rights field committee, with Fox serving as field consultant.

”People are the power of this movement,” Fox said. “We need you to use your voice and help make Nebraska a place for everyone. Help us build a movement by getting involved,” she said.

“Abortion saves lives, period,” Hennings added. “It’s time for Nebraskans to have this fundamental right enshrined in our constitution. Decisions about our bodies should be decided by us, not legislators. Let’s put it to a vote.” 

Petitions must be notarized and turned in before July 3. If you are going to mail in petition sheets, please make sure that they are notarized and postmarked no later than June 19 to ensure they are received before the July 3 deadline. Mail the petition sheets to: Nebraska Civic Engagement Table, 211 N. 14th St. Suite 324, Lincoln, NE 68508.

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