Contact Candidates and Urge Them to Participate in VOTE411!

Nebraska Examiner article photo on VOTE411

To extend invitations to candidates to participate in our voters’ guide,, we need their email addresses. Currently, email addresses are not required as part of filing to run for office. Contact your senator in the Nebraska Legislature and Secretary of State’s office and ask them to require candidates to include an email address when they file for office. 

If you know a candidate, please encourage them to participate in VOTE411. Our online, nonpartisan voters’ guide,, is used by voters across the state to make decisions about the candidates they will vote for in the 2022 primary and general elections. Candidates who participate have the opportunity to get their message across to tens of thousands of Nebraska voters. If they need a new link, have them email us at

Read our letter to the editor of the Nebraska Examiner on the need for candidate contact information.

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