League Testifies at Voter ID Hearings

Your Vote is Your Voice

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska is committed to making sure that any voter ID bill ensures that Nebraskans can exercise their right to vote and abides by our constitution that states “all elections shall be free” [and that] “there shall be no hindrance or impediment to the right of a qualified voter to […]

Outside group led by DeVoss donated large $$$$ to Unicameral races — WHY?

Co-sponsors of LB753

An investigative article in the Nebraska Examiner reported that a national group led by former U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVoss spent $710,000 in selected legislative races to elect candidates who would favor creating a system to divert money from the Nebraska treasury that could fund public schools to private and religious schools in the […]

Nebraska senators announce priority bills

Photo of 2022 Nebraska Legislature

In the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, a bill that has priority status is generally considered ahead of other bills in debate. Each senator may select one priority bill, each committee may select two priority bills, and the speaker may select up to 25 priority bills. Priority bills that LWVNE has taken a position on include: LB77 […]

Update: LWVNE testifies in support of LB20 as member of coalition to restore voting rights

Joanna Lindberg, Co-director go Government testifying in support of LB20

Joanna Lindberg, co-director of government for the League of Women Voters of Nebraska, testified alongside other members of the Voting Rights Restoration Coalition in support of LB20. You can read the testimony at https://lwvnebraska.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/LB20_SUPPORT_2-22-23_Hearing.pdf The LWVNE is supporting LB20, which provides for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for […]

Update: Six-week abortion ban bill sent to floor of Unicameral

Press conference to support reproductive rights at the Nebraska Capitol

LB626 — the six-week abortion ban bill — was advanced by the Health and Human Services Committee to General File on a vote of 4-2, with one senator, Lynne Walz of Fremont, absent for the executive session. Sen. Joni Albrecht of Thurston has named LB626 as her priority bill for the session. Members of the […]

We are testifying at the Nebraska Legislature

Nebraska Capitol Building

Officers, directors and and League members are testifying at Unicameral committee hearings and submitting letters to comment for the record in hearings for legislative bills. The League does not support candidates or parties but, after study, does take positions on issues. You can see our national and state program detailing our positions at https://lwvnebraska.org/positions-studies/. You […]

Winter 2023 “Voter” newsletter now available

The Intelligent Voter Newsletter Picure

The winter 2023 issue of the Nebraska Voter features several stories about how members can be engaged this legislative session, including participation in our annual Legislative Day on Tuesday, Feb. 14. The issue includes links to register for Legislative Day, including a virtual training session on Feb. 11, as well as action alerts throughout the session. You can […]

League Opposes Restrictions on Vote by Mail

Home is where the vote is graphic

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska’s opposition to any restrictions on vote by mail in the state was recently noted in a story in the New York Times. “[LB228] is an extreme bill and would be very unpopular,” MaryLee Moulton, the league’s president, said. “When most states are moving to expand voting by mail, […]

Watch Our Legislative Preview Show

Go Vote Omaha logo

MaryLee Moulton, president of the League of Women Voters or Nebraska, and Rachel Gibson, vice president-action, preview the 108th Nebraska Unicameral legislation session on the LWV of Greater Omaha’s “Go Vote Omaha!” show. The Nebraska Legislature began its 90-day “long” session on Jan. 4, 2023. This is the long session because they will approve a […]

Jim Pillen Sworn in as Nebraska’s 41st Governor

Governor Jim Pillen photo

Jim Pillen, “a 67-year-old hog operator from Columbus, is the state’s first governor to earn most of his living from farming since George Sheldon left office in 1909,” according to an article in the Nebraska Examiner. During his remarks, Pillen outlined several priorities for lawmakers and the executive branch to tackle together, according to the […]