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Nebraska Legislature Reaches Compromise on Redistricting

Maps proposed in LB 1 and LB 3, with significant amendments from AM 36 (to LB 1) and AM 37 (to LB 3), were approved by the Legislature and signed by the governor. Adopted maps for Nebraska’s three Congressional districts, Legislature, state Supreme Court, state Board of Regents, state Board of Education, and Public Service Commission can be viewed from

The League thanks Fair Maps Director Sheri St. Clair, the Fair Maps Action Team and LWVNE members for their activism on redistricting. We also thank the Legislature’s Redistricting Committee; its chair and vice chair, Senators Linehan and Wayne; and Speaker Hilgers for their leadership in reaching a compromise during the special session. For more information on the redistricting bills, go to our Redistricting Hub.

LWVNE Opposes Voter Restriction Petition

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We encourage our fellow Nebraskans to consider the real-world costs, complications and consequences of restrictions on our right to vote.

  • The voter restriction amendment would cost Nebraska taxpayers millions of dollars.
  • Elections in Nebraska are already conducted efficiently, securely and with integrity.
  • If passed the voter restriction amendment will make voting more complicated.
  • This petition language is a vague and dangerous voter restriction proposal that would have real consequences.
Nebraska Legislature


Contact your Nebraska state legislator to voice your opinion about an issue or bill.

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Lincoln City Election May 4, 2021
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Omaha City Election May 11, 2021
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